Flavourworks was co-founded by Jack Attridge and Pavle Mihajlovic in 2015. The vision was to make a game studio worthy of existing in the current industry landscape. Their proposal was to create the most interactive video-based game experiences in history. 

This required developing a considered philosophy to designing interactive narratives in a revolutionary way, building unrivalled technology from scratch to empower breakthrough experiences, developing a previously-unproven workflow that allows the company to function as both a game studio and film production company, and a cross-media team to marinade in the secret sauce and create benchmark interactive story products.

Soon after forming, the startup would be funded by games industry legends Peter Molyneux OBE, and Ian Livingstone CBE who also serves as Non-Exec Chairman. The studio’s first game “ERICA” would then be funded and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and released on Playstation 4.

Flavourworks is based in Old Street, known as the “silicon roundabout” in London, England. Despite a team size of just 8, the growth and ambition of the developer continues to turn heads in the film and games industries.